Videos: Club Meeting on 8th February 2021

All good things comes in threes and our third meeting was excellent in quality, engaging and enjoyable. 3 speeches very well evaluated and Julian’s quickfire “Shotgun” Table Topics was a big HIT.

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Videos: Club Meeting on 25th January 2021

Our 2nd club meeting was another spectacle and humdinger rolled into one. A day before this second meeting we achieved enough members investing in their future by joining the club…we are going to Charter!!!

Looking for a new challenge? Apply to join our club by filling in the Application Form. Then go to Membership Investment Page and use PayPal to complete the process.

We are chartering now……..come and be in at the start……

Remember our next club meeting – click on the RSVP button to register – joining instructions will be sent by email only:

#digitalcommunication #onlinecommunication #digitalleadership #zoom #selfdevelopment #toastmasters

The show must go on

Digital Communicators invites you to the “show must go on” live broadcast. Regardless where in this planet your are, tune in on Zoom on Monday 25.01.2021 at 18 hours (London time) and you will watch and participate in an immersive show put together by the crew at Digital Communicators.

From our studios, next to Old Trafford Football Stadium, in Manchester, the emcee of the day will be conducting this action packed show with speakers, evaluators, impromptu speaking, shot gun evaluations, greeters, reporters, broadcasters and much more…

The big stars of the show will be the speakers coming from different countries of the world.

The programme states the first speaker taking the virtual scenario will be Pamela Benjamin, a Distinguished Toastmasters from the United States with an intriguing title “Did he really do that?”

Second speaker coming all the way from sunny Spain, Jose Manuel Tourné, won the speech contest competition at the last Winter Summit in the Iberian District. With the speech tile “Body Language is effective online” you will learn that online speaking can be very engaging too

Our third star is award-winning speaker Kyle Murthag, who from his studio in Scotland will share with  us a competition speech “The Ultimate Decision”. Make sure you give him feedback as he is preparing to take this speech to the incoming International Speech Contest season.

As you know it is not only about the stars, it is about the show. Truth to be told, the stars build the name of the show but the show builds their names too. There are plenty of roles working behind the scenes to bring you this show. Do not miss it as it is going to be an entertaining, educative and memorable experience. Book your FREE seat, do it know here

Meet the members at Digital Communicators.

The first free-to-air-episode of this TV-style-Advanced Toastmaster club was broadcast on Monday 11th January 2021 and registered peak audiences of over 100 spectators around the globe.

Since then, we have received rave reviews from critics, fellow Toastmasters and visitors and the enquiries to become part of this digital club surpassed all the expectations.

The evidence is here – with 4 core members 2 weeks ago – we are now ready to CHARTER!!

But who are those brave souls who decide to embark themselves on this adventure?

Find more about them on this playlist.

Digital skills are now on demand. In fact they are essential. It is not only to look good on camera or knowing to play around with Zoom but others skills like delivering online workshops, undertaking marketing campaigns, delivering top class podcast, blogging or trying to understand TikTok… In fact, what are you interested in?

Here at Digital Communicators we can provide a safe environment where you can develop your digital skills. Seriously, look nowhere else, this is the place to be. Do not believe us? Take a look to our next event. Book your seat here and decide for yourself.

Alternatively you can also visit Digital Communicators YouTube channel and check out any past event.

Are you now ready to upgrade your digital skills?

Have a peek behind the scenes.

One of the most asked questions when talking about online speaking is how to set up your own studio.

So before you ask let us show you a peek on how one of our members members does it.
Behind the scenes: Time Lapse.

He is using a laptop, a tripod where a webcam stands and a television monitor. For lighting he uses 2 lamps from home and very important on his set up is the carboard box helping him to get the laptop to the right height.

Needless to say, this works for him and for this speech but this set up may not work for you or your next speech but by showing this we hope we have satisfied your curiosity for now.

If you want to become a skillful online presenter, Digital Communicators can provide you with a platform where you can develop, practice and upgrade your public speaking skills. Come to our next meeting and find out what we can do for you.

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Videos: Club Meeting on 11th January 2021

“If you build it, they will come!” Well we did it, didn’t we?

As a result of taking risks, taking action, we delivered a wonderful Digital Communicators show. Do you want to see the short summary? Check this out

Looking for a new challenge? Apply to join our club by filling in the Application Form. If you have questions about the application process, please fill in the Contact Form.

Remember our next club meeting – click on the RSVP button to register – joining instructions will be sent by email only:

#digitalcommunication #onlinecommunication #digitalleadership #zoom #selfdevelopment #toastmasters

Videos: What is Digital Communicators – with Julian and Nik

There are new clubs shooting up everywhere – but what does this club have that others do not? We have the vision to create a club that is like no other, that stands out and shines as an example of excellence in presenting online. Give it a like and come to our next meeting…see you there !
Julian and Nik deep in discussion – What’s so special about Digital Communicators?? Watch it to find out!

Video policy: Digital Communicators routinely records the video of its meetings. As announced at the beginning of each week’s meeting, by participating in our club as a member or guest, you acknowledge that we reserve the right to use these video recordings in our educational and public relations programmes. Master Privacy Policy