Videos: Club Meeting on 25th January 2021

Our 2nd club meeting was another spectacle and humdinger rolled into one. A day before this second meeting we achieved enough members investing in their future by joining the club…we are going to Charter!!!

Looking for a new challenge? Apply to join our club by filling in the Application Form. Then go to Membership Investment Page and use PayPal to complete the process.

We are chartering now……..come and be in at the start……

Remember our next club meeting – click on the RSVP button to register – joining instructions will be sent by email only:

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  1. Isn’t this something, having the video of the meeting uploaded inside 12 hours? A wonderful opportunity to listen to the speeches again, or if you’ve missed the meeting, watch them for the first time. I much enjoy listening to speeches twice, particularly with more time at hand, rewind parts which I hadn’t understood clearly before, and of course, to listen to the evaluator’s feedback. I particularly enjoyed José Manuel’s insights on Body Language, a topic which concerns us all on our road to become better speakers.

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