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Struggling to get your next promotion or client?

Not fully confident in presenting your winning pitch?

We can help you cross the finishing line !

Are you ready to achieve your goals?

Prezi, OBS and other digital tools will help you progress in your business or career.

We can help you look good on camera, deliver online workshops, podcasts, blogs and use other tools in your digital marketing.

Providing a safe environment where you can develop and enhance your digital skills, THIS is the place to be.

Don’t take our word for it Take a look, register for our next event and decide for yourself.

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2022 Technology Skills!

  • Prezi – Create and present with interactive videos with this amazing tool. There are three features: Design, Present and Video. Would you like to dazzle your audience when you present?
  • Zoom – This is a trusted group meeting platform that is robust enough for very large conferences and small one on one meetings. Do you know all the features this tool has?
  • Menti – This is a interactive presentation software that enables you to ask questions, take polls with slides and gif. How can this tool increase your presentation’s interactivity with the audience?
  • OBS – Open Broadcaster Software is an open source software for video presenting and streaming. It has robust communities with free demos to walk through.
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