Dec Cluskey is Toastmaster of the Day on August 8th at 6 PM London

Dec Cluskey is Toastmaster of the Day and the theme is ‘Perfection is a Killer’.

Our grammar theme of the day: Try to use a ‘simile’ …. just add ‘like’ and a description ….

E.G. “I was walking down a beach …. it was like a heavenly etc.

Easy stuff and makes what you say so special?

Digital Communicators goes ‘As Pretty as a Picture’!

How many of you have ever felt ‘As pretty as a Picture’? Last Monday 10th May we had the honour to transport ourselves to the National Gallery in London guided by our DTM Toastmaster of Day. The meetings at Digital Communicators are a work of art because of the pulchritudinous members, fellow Toastmasters from other clubs and guests. Also, because of all the energy, experience and eagerness to keep facing new challenges and learning. 

When it comes to digital technology to communicate, I would like to focus on digital tools used to enhance different roles: virtual backgrounds, Prezi Video and OBS to enhance

1. Zoom virtual backgrounds, and Toastmaster of the Day

Firstly, what a creative way to use virtual backgrounds to co-create our particular Digital Communicators Gallery! Our TMoD Andrew proved that being creative can enhance digital communication by recreating virtual spaces with a simple click in the Zoom options. However, technology also can be manual, apart from digital. Who would like to take the challenge our TMoD posed by bringing to the table other types of technology, like a pen? 

Our Toastmaster of the day in the company of Aristotle.

2. Prezi Video, and Table Topics

Secondly, what a challenge for our Topics Master to use #Prezi video! Why not congratulate Pam for having the courage to use this digital tool to facilitate the Table Topics section! As a suggestion, what if after showing the whole picture, she would have shown herself and the picture by the side?

3. OBS, and speech evaluation

Thirdly, what a surprise when our latest member showed us how using #OBS can also enhance our digital communication even when delivering an evaluation! She indicated best practices and lessons to learn to go along with her speech evaluation. We could see she has a lot to offer to the club. Thank you, Antonia, for joining us.

Finally, what a great idea from our president to include open feedback with commendations and recommendations at the end of the session! Feedback is one of the quiddities of Toastmasters, and of our club as well indeed. Yet, if the open feedback is only for the prepared speeches, why not do that right after the speech evaluations are given? And what if we used a digital tool to capture as much feedback as possible? Using a tool like Padlet, Slido or Mentimeter could help us gather feedback from all the audience at the same time. Afterwards, the speakers could take those comments to analyse them more calmly and deeper. 

Once again our meeting excelled because of every single member who made it happen ‘As pretty as a picture’! Yes, and… Let’s also be mindful about those areas for growth. We are digital communicators, but not perfect yet. As our guest Panos said, ‘You don’t need to be perfect, but to care enough to be your best’. What a better place to be your best than at Digital Communicators?

If you want t enjoy the whole show and continue learning, have a look at both videos shared by our President Nik Lakhani in the previous post. There you will be able to check these and many other meaningful aspects in detail. What are you waiting for?

‘As Pretty as a Picture’ – 10th May Live Report

What a pulchritudinous audience today at Digital Communicators! In today’s brief account, I summarise the highlights of the meeting.

If you want to develop multiple skills, both oral and written communication, both impromptu and prepared speeches, social media engaging skills, and digital skills to support and reinforce your message accordingly, the live reporter is the ROLE!

In the coming days, you will also be able to learn more in a deeper analysis which I am going to share in a blog entry. Coming soon…