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Fellow Toastmasters around the world! Do you want to know what happened in our ‘Summer flowers’ DCOM meeting? Read and share your thoughts below.

Our Toastmaster of the Day, Dec Cluskey, brought a fresh flowery theme of the meeting: Summer Flowers. He made every member taking a role blossom as a different type of summer flower: rose, poeny, buddlia… Look at the expressivity in his gestures and facial expression!

Audrey, one of the most recent members, challenged herself to use Toastmasters virtual backgrounds for the first time to manage time in her first meeting in the club. For a first timer, she showed the attitude in this club!

As the grammarian, our new VPE Colette, encouraged us to use the word of the day: STUPENDOUS. It was used by a few members, and even on social media. Check on Twitter and see @DCommunicators! What a STUPENDOUS job Colette did!

Then, it was time for prepared speeches. Our first speaker, Mahfuzur, told us how to “Plant your own flag” by doing something that is going to help others. Noteworthy, the first question he posed from a list of several ones:

Do you remember your digital journey?

That question can’t let us indifferent, particularly in this club. At Digital Communicators, everyone’s digital journey can flourish.

Our second speaker, Kavita, aimed to raise awareness on sustainability with her inherited speech “Let’s talk about sustainability“. In her call to action, she encouraged us to use the power we have as consumers in this world, and to work together to make this world a better one. She also showed her progress in her digital journey by using Prezi Video and including polls to engage her audience.

In the next section, Vincent guided a stupendous impromptu Table Topics showing some impactful images to ignite the impromptu speakers’ imagination! The three brave speakers were Pam, Philip and Mehul. They had the opportunity to get immediate feedback thanks to our shotgun evaluations, which were taken by Brian, Rinku and Nik.

As for speech evaluators, Heidi and Krishn set the bar high with their reports:
Heidi commended Mahfuzur’s speech for starting with powerful questions, and recommended him to use pauses mindfully.
Krishn congratulated Kavita for her bravery to use a new tech tool, and encouraged her to practise and test visuals to match her words.

To end the evaluation portion, our General Evaluator, Pilar, a recently joined member, recommended Heidi to deliver her evaluation standing up. Also, she shared an enlightening message for all of us:

Feedback is an amazing gift, the perfect way to improve.

Last but not least, the President, Nik Lakhani, thanked the former officers in service when the club chartered and welcomed the incoming team, who’ll be serving this next year. Congratulations to all for making this club thrive!

To end, what recommendations could I make for the club to keep improving?

  1. As a live reporter, shouldn’t have I mentioned every single member taking a role? Thank you to our greeter, Philip, who received us all with a big smile on his face. And thank you our producer, Julián, who opened the virtual doors for all of us to enjoy the meeting and who is in charge of the recordings , among some other little issues.
  2. Digital tech during the meeting: using virtual backgrounds is an easy way to get started, as Audrey showed. Try them! You don’t need a sophisticated green screen, but creativity to make it work smoothly!
  3. The open feedback role could have been brought live as, after postponing the business meeting, there was probably more time to share feedback to our speakers.

If you want to enjoy another stupendous meeting, join DCOM on 26th July!

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