Summer Days. Report 28th of June 2021

Dear Digital Communicators.

This is the Live Report of our event SUMMER DAYS of the 28th June.

Our President Nik thanked the current board that contributed to the birth of our club, Digital Communicators, and welcomed the new one. He also congratulated our participation in the VTM Convention.
Our TMOD Mahfuzur inspired us to enjoy every minute of the summer.

We welcomed a new member Brian, our 32nd member, who was our Timer and shared with us his speaking and digital skills.
We had prepared speeches that brought a lot of value to our event.

The first prepared speech was given by Colette with the title “The VPE.” She shared with us an inspiring message: “The VPE role is not about me, it’s about serving you.”

The second prepared speech was given by Vincent with the title “The Salt of Every Soup”. His is a leadership story. His speech inspires us to trust and embrace diversity.

The third speech was given by Dec, titled “The Ages of Man and Woman”. He shares with us his story and his successful career with wonderful images. The message is: How the meaning of success changes depending on our age.

The table topics master Andrew led the improvised speeches and shotgun evaluation segments.
We had wonderful improvised speeches: “Summer dancing” by Mar, “What is your summer song?” by Nik, “A guide to your cellar” by Vincent, and “Your happiest summer“ by our guest Lijjou.
In Digital Communicators evaluation is very important.
Our evaluator Azra emphasized the power of questions to connect with the audience.
Julian reminded us how emotions help us to connect.
Our guest Heidi pointed out how images help us to share our stories and how our words add to the embroidery.
Nick congratulated us for the use of the word of the day: equable.
Mar guided the Open Feedback session for additional commendations and recommendations for the prepared speeches.
Pamela closed the evening with the evaluation of the evaluators and a wonderful summary of the event. 
One objective of the video analysis is to dig deeper into the evaluation of the evening, those elements that went unnoticed. In other words, to discover those elements that we are doing well – our best practices, and those elements that still have some room for improvement – our lessons to learn.
Let’s do a sandwich evaluation. Let’s start with the Best Practices.
Kudos to our TMOD for sharing visuals during his presentation. He guided us during the whole event.

The Lesson-to-Learn is to go even further. There are a couple of recommendations here:

1: If we want to share visuals with our audience, we have to practice beforehand. How can we do this? Open a session in Zoom and record yourself.

2: Instead of sharing your whole screen, share only the visuals. Remember, you may have some confidential information on your screen that you don’t wish to share.

3: Once you master the screen sharing, go a step further. Show your visuals on your window.

4: Do not share your screen while others are speaking. This was the case for example in our last event. At minute 35:14 of the video “2021-06-28 – Club Meeting – Speaker View” the TMOD shares his screen while the Live Reporter is still speaking.

Kudos to our Open Feedback TM for introducing the idea that evaluations can also be delivered with the help of Menti in three ways: the website, direct link, and scan the QR code. Brilliant idea!

One additional Lesson-to-Learn is for the TMOD to follow the agenda. The Live Reporter and the Open Feedback go before the prepared speeches and there is a reason for this. Additionally, the TMOD cannot decide to shorten the sessions. In other words, the Open Feedback requires at least 1 minute, and not 30 seconds, and it goes before the prepared speeches because the audience needs to know how to provide their evaluations. This resulted in the fact that the prepared speeches did not get sufficient evaluations.

Last but not least, the best way for the TMOD to manage time is to follow the agenda and adjust the time with the Table Topics session. Example: In our event, the Table Topics session started at 07:06 and ended at 07:26. This time of frame allows us to tell the Table Topics Master that he has time for 6 rounds and one Table Topic (2’ Table Topic + 1’ Shotgun Evaluation = 3’ x round => 20’ / 3’ => 6 rounds + 1 Table Topic). If we start the Table Topic session later than expected, we will have to recalculate the minutes available and inform about the rounds to the Table Topics master. In this way, we avoid asking about the available time to the Timer all the time.

All in all, a very well-guided session, inspiring prepared speeches, creative improvised speeches, and a lot of pioneering ideas in testing new digital tools.

What I did learn by taking this role is that the deeper we go into a subject the more subtleties for improvement we find. We know that one of the TM core values is EXCELLENCE, but on our way to excellence, we have to find a compromise between perfectionism and priorities. Otherwise, we will never achieve another important TM core value = SERVICE.

In Digital Communicators we have fun while we learn new things!

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