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Nik Lakhani (DTM)

About Me: Joined Toastmasters in September 2016. Current TM Positions : President of Online Presenters (Advanced Online Club); Mentor for Dovercome Toastmasters Club (Hybrid, District 91); and, Mentor for Shilling Speakers Toastmasters Club (Hybrid, District 91).  Awards:  ACB ALB and Pathways DTM 

Joined Club: 12/16/2020
Joined Toastmasters: 11/1/2018

VP of Education

Colette Ainscough (CC CL PM2)

About Me: My interest in Toastmasters began in 2016, it continues to this day.  I am passionate about lifelong learning and the benefits of tailoring teaching to suit learner needs.  My belief is that 'learning should be fun'.  For me the Toastmasters Educational Pathways Programme fits this 'ideal' because it is a self-paced, fun way to learn valuable skills in communication and leadership. 
Former Member Clondalkin Toastmasters  
Member of Dublin South Toastmasters, Leopardstown
Dublin South Toastmaster of the Year 2020/2021
SAA/Logistics Officer Dublin South Toastmasters 2021/2022
Charter Member of Digital Communicators Advanced Online Club
Vice President of Education Digital Communicators 2021/2022

Joined Club: 26/01/2021

VP of Membership

Pam Rowley

Joined Club: 19/01/2021

VP of Public Relations

Pamela Benjamin (DTM)

About Me: I'm am passionate about Toastmasters, communication, fitness, and education.

Joined Club: 1/24/2021
Joined Toastmasters: 1/1/2013


Dec Cluskey (DTM)

Joined Club: June 01


Julian Cereceda (DTM)

Joined Club: 12/17/2020

VP of Technology

Mar Cano (IP4)

About Me: As an eduknowmad, I am eager to support, guide and empower learners and educational communities from multiple perspectives based on a humane approach. I love combining my hobbies (yoga, running and improv) with all my educational learning and expertise to enhance passionate and positive educational communities in a holistic way to make the world a better place to live and to be our best authentic selves. A Toastmasters since May 2019, when I started my first baby steps at 22@Barcelona Toastmasters Club. My main goal was to become the best public speaker in the educational field I could be. As I moved to Colombia, I became a member of Toastmasters Bogotá English Club, which gave me the chance to jump into the Toasmasters 2020 Colombian National Public Speaking Contest, in which I became the Winner in the English modality. More importantly, both clubs have given me opportunities to grow and learn, not only as a public speaker, but also as a creative and innovative leader. 
On top of that, what if we added the development of digital skills? Can't wait to keep on growing in Digital Communicators and to be part of another enthralling community! And last but not least, as for impromptu speaking, who said 'fear'?!?! Isn't it great to feel butterflies in our stomach to free our imaginations when speaking before any uncertain situation that we may need to face at any moment? Why not have fun while learning in a safe environment?

Joined Club: 01/27/2021
Joined Toastmasters: 05/2019

Andrew Bennett (DTM)

About Me: Andrew P Bennett DTM , PM5, FTCL( Voice) LTCL ( Voice Teaching ,) ANEA ( Public Speaking Teacher ), Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts is an International Voice Coach for Speakers & Singers. He has a 30 year international career as a classical singer, opera singer/ actor , language coach for stage productions and recordings.  He is a Past President of Excalibur Speakers ( Advanced) & Berkeley Square Speakers, Past Area 45 Governor. He was awarded D91 Toastmaster of the Year ( 2014/15) for his extensive work with and fostering Toastmasters Youth Leadership Programs. Andrew is Current ( 2020/21) District 91 Table Topics Champion,  London Division L Table Topics Champion and Evaluation Champion. He is also a member of Firebirds Collective and Experience French Toastmasters ( Founder Mentor.) He is proud to be a charter member of Digital Communicators. 

Joined Club: 22/01/2021

Mahfuzur Rahman (EC1)

About Me: Mahfuzur is a Global IT Leader, Process Champion, and Change Agent with a passion for inspiring teams, and professionals to stretch the boundaries of purpose, capability, opportunity, and performance to new levels.Working with onshore and offshore technology and non- technology teams at an early age, Mahfuzur learned to ask a very simple question- “How can I help?”. Today, as a leader in delivering multi year enterprise transformation journey, Mahfuzur still ask same question whenever joining conference calls, facilitating volunteer groups or even attending a total stranger. Mahfuzur wins his battels by providing help and addressing issues.   Mahfuzur enjoys the opportunity to connect with leaders like you to network and learn from each other    

Joined Club: 3/16/2022
Joined Toastmasters: 5/1/2017 Master Privacy Policy