Meeting 23.03.21 Report

4 months ago, Digital Communicators was an idea. 3 months ago, Digital Communicators was a plan and 2 months ago the club became a reality.

On this short journey we have seen peaks: Meetings with almost 100 unique attendants and Valleys, with more manageable figures.

Numbers, however, should not be an indicator of the quality of the meeting. As it was pointed out yesterday by several visitors , Digital Communicators has a very solid structure, a great pace and it looks and feels very professional. It has managed to replicate the brick and mortar feeling in the online arena. All that is good, but many clubs around the world have mastered those attributes.

What makes Digital Communicators different then? Judge yourself….

As you can see all the meetings are recorded in speakers view and meeting view so the speakers can watch themselves and see the reaction of their speeches. We aim also to master how to stream professionally the meetings since we believe in future and not far in the future, this will be a very important skills to hone.

Feedback is a paramount at Digital Communicators, and our newest member Richard White showed us how to do it with 2 superb evaluations, one for his shot gun evaluation and then for his speech.

Yes I mentioned Shot Gun Evaluations. This is where you have the evaluations just after the Table Topics speaker has delivered his speech. That makes you be attentive and ready to jump.

There are a few other features as well, you may want to discover by yourself. So make sure you log onto the next meeting and enjoy the show….

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