Meet the members at Digital Communicators.

The first free-to-air-episode of this TV-style-Advanced Toastmaster club was broadcast on Monday 11th January 2021 and registered peak audiences of over 100 spectators around the globe.

Since then, we have received rave reviews from critics, fellow Toastmasters and visitors and the enquiries to become part of this digital club surpassed all the expectations.

The evidence is here – with 4 core members 2 weeks ago – we are now ready to CHARTER!!

But who are those brave souls who decide to embark themselves on this adventure?

Find more about them on this playlist.

Digital skills are now on demand. In fact they are essential. It is not only to look good on camera or knowing to play around with Zoom but others skills like delivering online workshops, undertaking marketing campaigns, delivering top class podcast, blogging or trying to understand TikTok… In fact, what are you interested in?

Here at Digital Communicators we can provide a safe environment where you can develop your digital skills. Seriously, look nowhere else, this is the place to be. Do not believe us? Take a look to our next event. Book your seat here and decide for yourself.

Alternatively you can also visit Digital Communicators YouTube channel and check out any past event.

Are you now ready to upgrade your digital skills?

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