Live Report from June 14, 2021 Meeting

We had a terrific meeting as we started off with a business meeting. Here we voted in our new 2021-2021 club officers! They are as followed:

President: Nik Lakhani

Vice President Education: Colette Ainscough

Vice President Membership: Pam Rowley

Vice President Public Relations: Pamela Benjamin

Vice President Technology: Mar Cano

Secretary: Dec Cluskey

Treasurer: Julian Cereceda

Congratulations to our newly elected executive team.

After our business meeting wrapped up, our lovely Toastmaster of the Day Kavita immediately took control of the meeting and dove right into it. She flawlessly transitioned from one segment of the meeting to the next effortlessly. Bravo Kavita!

We had two prepared speeches, speaker 1 was Kenneth and speaker 2 was Julian. Kenneth bedazzled us with his beautiful words of “we need to understand how our customers communicate” and “we must build a bridge between you and your audience so that the emotions can flow”. Kenneth’s main message was that we need to understand OUR own communication style, while he repeated is mantra – Customer is Queen!

Julian took our breath away as he WOW’d us with his visual aids throughout his speech. He kept us entertained by switching them which left us with the thought of “what technology is he using for his presentation”. I highly encourage you to review our meeting recording to see what I’m talking about.

Our Table Topics portion of the meeting was phenomenal! Our table topics master was Antonia who also set the bar very high with her usage of technology she incorporated into the session. We had five table topic speakers as well as five table topic shotgun evaluators. Well done Antonia!

Lastly, our speech evaluators were suburb! Both were seasoned Toastmasters who delivered their evaluations with purposeful and gracious tips and suggestions. Their evaluations were top notch and great examples for not only the speakers themselves, but everyone else as well!

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