Digital Communicators and Contests

By Colette Ainscough

‘There’s a first time for everything’ a phrase I have told myself many times, the more so since I joined the advanced online club that is Digital Communicators. Challenges have opened to me that were not even in my Toastmaster psyche before joining this club.  These very challenges have become like ‘food for my soul’.  Oh yes it can be hard but hey if it was easy every single person on this wondrous planet of ours would be able to rise to communication and leadership digital skills.  I do not see that around me, do you?

Opportunity knocks on the Toastmaster door regularly throughout the year in the form of Contests.  Digital Communicators have dual and dual-plus members from Divisions and Districts everywhere.  The club offers encouragement and support as contestants challenge themselves to move through the ranks to competition success.

This coming May 2021 Toastmaster competitions hot up as Pat Caslin (District 71) takes part in the International Speech Contest Semi Finals.  Andrew Bennett is competing in the Table Topics and Evaluation Contest Semi Final (District 91), and Julian Cereceda does the same in the Final of the Spanish Contest (District 34). All the best Digi Comers!  I believe that Pat, Julian and Andrew are experienced, thoughtful, engaging, and inspiring speakers who always strive and challenge themselves for excellence delivering their message just like its ‘food for their souls’.  

At competition level Digital Communicators proved a ‘collective selflessness’ like no other I have witnessed before.  Our Clubs initiative under President Nik Lakhani began running support sessions for its members as they competed for both Digital Communicators and their home clubs across the globe.  Now that is something special!  Really special!

Let me name our other amazing Competition Entrants who challenged themselves since this club chartered.  Rinku Saha (Humorous Contest, Division G), Ishrat Bundhun (3rd Place, International Speech Contest, Division N), Krishn Ramchurn (3rd Place, Evaluation Contest, Division N), Kavita Dulai (International Speech Contest, Division L), Colette Ainscough (International Speech Contest, Division M).  I am proud to be on that list, proud of me but more importantly proud of Pat, Julian, Andrew, Rinku, Ishrat, Krishn, Kavita and every single Digital Communicator member for rising to the competition challenge in one way or another!

‘There is a first time for everything’, its true for me and its true for you as well! Jump right in as a Digital Communicator. Rise to the next competition challenge.  Do it for Digital Communicators Club or your home Club.  Remember we are here to develop skillsets. 

I leave you here having written my very first blog post with a quote by John Schaar.  Read it carefully and read it twice. “Twice”, I hear you say!  Yes, read it twice!  “The future is not some place we are going, but one we are creating.  The paths are not to be found but made.  And the activity of making them changes both the maker and the destination”.


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