The Skill of Self-Confidence

Confidence comes from the mastery of skills and practice.

The skill of self-confidence | Dr. Ivan Joseph | TEDxRyersonU

The skill of self-confidence | Dr. Ivan Joseph | TEDxRyersonU

“The problem is, we expect to be self-confident, but we can’t be unless the skill or task is not novel, is not new to us.

We want to be in a situation where we have had so much pressure… to build diamonds.”

“It Could Be Any One of Us” by Alan Ayckbourn

Mortimer Chalke, a Composer is played by Dec Cluskey
Mortimer has inherited the family fortune. He is a composer whose works are never heard despite winning a very humble composition award during his teenage years.

Digital Communicators presents It Could Be Any One of Us’ by Alan Ayckbourn with guest stars Dec Cluskey and Andrew P. Bennett.

About this event

This Virtual Production of ‘It Could Be Any One of Us’ is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals Limited on behalf of Samuel French Limited.

A comedy thriller, who is the murderer? Will you guess?

Imagine a decaying Victorian-built country house somewhere in the North of England in the 1980s. It is the home of three artistic siblings: Mortimer, Jocelyn, and Brinton, none of whom are successful.

When Mortimer decides to leave the family home and fortune to an outsider, mayhem, mystery, and murder ensue.

Who will be the murderer and who will be murdered?

This play is presented by Digital Communicators which is an Advanced Speaking Toastmasters club specializing in Online Presence.

As a club, we are adaptive and innovative while creating a myriad of opportunities for our members. By providing a safe and supportive environment, we thrive in this world of online communication.

We have a variety of entertainment, educational and digital tips at each meeting.

We help our members to improve public speaking in this fast-evolving online world. We know good virtual speaking does not follow the same rules as a good in-person presentation, so we help our members to build expertise in using digital tools including Zoom, Prezi, OBS, and live-streaming.

Parental Guidance Recommended: Flashing lighting effects and mild bad language references.

Production & Technical Team

– Producer Andrew P Bennett

– Nik Lakhani + Julian Cereceda +Mar Cano

– Publicity Pamela Benjamin + Kavita Dulai

Zoom Links will be provided nearer the event.

Monday 29th November 2021- Live Report by DTM Kavita Dulai

“Want to Be a Leader? Lead Yourself First” with Guest Speaker Michael Wader

DCOM provides numerous leadership opportunities at every club meeting throughout the year and at various special events. 29th November 2021 was no exception; DCOM had invited an inspirational guest speaker Michael Wader to share his keynote on leadership

Guest Keynote Speaker, an American Veteran with 25 years of leadership experience and corporate training, Michael Wader told us to take care of the people and the people will take care of the process. Nik Lakhani DTM and Digital Communicators President later confirmed that this statement was in line with his leadership style during the impromptu section of the meeting. This Nik believes encourages greater creativity from his teams.

Self-Leadership Principles

Here are the leadership principles that Michael shared that we can apply to our lives before we seek to lead others.

Take Control of your Thoughts and Habits:

Top leaders know what they think and watch their daily habits.

Look in the mirror – Do you like what you see?

Confidence and Enthusiasm:

At work, initiative leads to advancement. Be confident and enthusiastic.

Learn Continuously from Self and Others:

Everything has an opportunity cost.

Leaders first make time and space to reflect on their own life and learnings, then prioritize!

A leader doesn’t have all the answers. He or she is always on the lookout for better ideas

Prioritize Personal growth:

Grow yourself and then others.

The meeting was expertly led by Antonia Hernandez who seamlessly transitioned between various segments of the meeting. Antonia gave introductions for the Tech Tips section, she then introduced the Prepared Speeches. There was an introduction for the Table Topics presenter then finally the General Evaluation which was carried out by Andrew Bennett DTM.

Good virtual speaking is a must in today’s world and it doesn’t necessarily follow the same rules as a good in-person presentation.  Julian Cereceda DTM Shared his Top-Tips on Prezi Video thus helping members to further build expertise digital-presenting. There was a follow up Prezi Masterclass delivered by Julian on December 9th 2021.

The Prepared Speech was very much in line theme of leadership. DTM Dec Cluskey told us how he rescued a Toastmaster Club that was about to fold. Dec shared his learnings and strategy on how to rescue a club.

The Grammarian role was taken by Ishrat Bundhun who skilfully introduced the word of the day ‘Paramount’ and encouraged participants to use in their speeches throughout the meeting.

Table Topics was led by Pamela Benjamin DTM, carried out in line with theme of leadership. One of the guest speakers Angela Heath, shared an inspiring story in a 2 minute impromtu speech on how she turned a ‘loss of employment’  into an opportunity to write numerous books and start businesses. This was a great example of how, in line with Keynote Speaker Michael Wader teachings that leading the self first is paramount for success.

Digital Communicators is an Advanced Speaking Toastmasters Club specialising in Online Presence. They help  their members to improve public speaking in this fast-evolving online world. …

  • Is it time to improve  your public speaking skills in this digital-space?
  • Is it time to move away from a mindset of physical communications?
  • Do you want a safe place to improve your digital engagement?

The club is adaptive and innovative and creating a myriad opportunity for members to thrive in the world of on-line communication by providing a safe environment and supportive environment. 

Why don’t you join the next meeting, as a guest and see for yourself?

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Live Report 23rd August 2021, by Oghale Akpobome

The meeting started smack bang on at 6:30pm, perfect timing. Julian opened the door after an awesome time as a greeter, welcoming guests.

Everyone was present and eager, having pointed to their locations on the map. 

We love innovation, don’t we?

Julian opened the meeting with his usual zest and invited Colette, who stood in for Mr President, who we expect to be back with us soon. We missed Nik.

Krishn, the TMOD, set the theme of the Day “Your Why”.

‘Breakthrough’ was the word of the day, said Grammarian Colette.

Have you ever seen a timer with 3 physical bells and 3 background colours? Well, we saw one today in the person of the ever-vibrant Dec Cluskey DTM. I’ve never seen a timer so dramatic, one had to watch every move as you listened to a timing report. Simply amazing. 

First Speech was by Mehul Shah who, by the way, expected toast and tea at his first Toastmasters meeting. He gave depth as he spoke about his life and journey, giving the quote: You grow with value and value sticks with you.

Audrey gave her story of leadership, her High-Performance Leadership (HPL) asking the question:  

Are you a leader or follower? 

She learnt by doing – what a way to learn while working on her club website, leading and collaborating.

Oghale did a back pocket speech on loss, showing up, being there, despite how you feel and ‘breaking through’.

Antonia Harrison was the Table Topics Master, giving interesting questions that started with “Why?”.

When asked “why did the chicken cross the road?” Rinku asked rather jokingly “why did I get married?” and followed up with “why did I get called to evaluate?” Ha ha, this chicken question never gets answered, does it?

Rinku was evaluated by Julian – Nah, he did not answer the chicken question either.

Krishn approached the question “Why is the sky blue?” with “What colour do you expect it to be? Red or orange.” Bla bla bla… He went on to science, bla bla bla, environment, bla bla bla. Then he pivoted to say “Join Toastmasters & attend the convention” ?. Well, how about that as an answer to the question “Why the sky is blue?”

Krishn was evaluated by Pamela, who said Krishn ended up doing a switcheroo on a switcheroo on a switcheroo. Pam went on to name Krishn the philosopher of the day. Very nice, Pamela.

Guest Giannis Kanlis – Why would you go with aliens who land on earth tomorrow and offer to go with them tomorrow? He would go in faith expecting something positive out of the adventure.

Giannis was evaluated by Mehul, who said every Table Topic is an opportunity to do a speech, and use a structure.

The fourth question – “Why is it that the people we love are so good at pushing our buttons?” was answered by guest Ami Kotecha. She opined that it has to do with the sense of victory and jubilance from a really close person. Let’s call it building memories in relationships, part of human nature.

Ami was evaluated by Ijjou Akentour who supported her relationship building idea.

TM Prince evaluated TM Mehul Shah praising language, clarity, confidence, proposing some body language and structure for a more powerful appearance.

TM Vincent spoke from Spain, celebrating her use of language, structure, transitions and use of technology. Then he challenged Audrey on body language, eye contact and smiling, urging her to work a little bit on the ending next time.

TM Rinku evaluating OG – “one breakthrough is all it will take to change the world”. Points to praise and points to ponder. Content stood out the most, narration. And she added credibility with calm and composure. Ponder – facial expression on sadness. Will prefer standing. Follow the rhetorical question with a pregnant pause.

Next Session was the Open Feedback moment managed by TM Pamela Benjamin. 

Feedback for Mehul:

Julian – keep the voice, very nice

Colette – no filler words

Krishn – Expand on one personal story when you have so much to share

Ijjou – recommended background with information about his speech

Pamela – add a little bit more story to the little boy as the anchor

Feedback for Audrey:

Mar – congrats on Prezi video

Colette – absolute excellent structure

Julian – good Prezi presentation, use more professional Prezi and practice stagecraft next time

Ijjou – share club urls in the presentation

Giannis – clear structure, however, share with us the leadership traits you used and how you incorporated these into your own journey. 

Feedback for OG:

Julian – she used powerful pregnant pauses

Krishn – she emotes, awesome

Pam – she was fishing and reeling us in slowly, pulling us deeper and deeper. Pausing with drama and transparency. It was a moving and intense experience.

The word of the day “breakthrough”, marched on to success, as it was mentioned 13 times. Colette, our grammarian quipped that ‘Nik’ could have been a word of the day given the number of times his name was called. She further suggested we follow @GrammarUpdates Twitter feed to help with tenses.

Mar Cano did the GE as an international news caster. What a joy to watch! 

Once again, another amazing session at Digital Communicators, who stayed back to chat at the end of the meeting!

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Shooting the Gun

09, August 2021 Digital Communicator members and guests took on the theme of celebrating the Olympic spirit. What makes an athlete successful? I have no doubt that what is paramount for all athletics is routine.  This is the habitual rising in the morning, exercising, diet, adequate relaxation and sleep.  All of this is carried out in a timely fashion, supported by coaches, peers, mentors and family.  This is the formula for accomplishment in sports.

Evaluations are a huge part of how Toastmasters improve their public speaking abilities. Part of the Table Topics session of Digital Communicator Club meetings is the ‘Shotgun Evaluation’ section. Unique to this club the idea is that the Table Topics Master calls on a club member to give an impromptu evaluation for each off-the-cuff speech. How can we become champions at Shotgun Evaluations? The answer I believe lies in habitual structure and delivery in the same way that Olympians commit themselves to routine.

What I propose is consistency. If you are carrying out a Shotgun Evaluation don’t try to evaluate as you would a full speech! Be aware that the person who takes on a Table Topic is ultimately competing with themself! By this I mean that they are striving to be the very best that they can be! When carrying out a shotgun evaluation be mindful of this and reinforce the speaker by commendations.

Here are my Top Tips:

  1. Pick one aspect of the impromptu speech to evaluate: Structure, Delivery or Language
  2. Greet the Club (Thank the Topics Master, Toastmasters & possible Guests)
  3. Structure your evaluation by:

Commendation, Commendation, Recommendation, Commendation.

  1. Thank Table Topic Master & your Audience
  2. Write a one line note of your evaluation

As a Shotgun Evaluator at Digital Communicators, you are akin to working amongst a team.  A team that is striving for success. Be the player that bolsters the speaker’s confidence.  If your Shotgun Evaluation honed in on delivery, make a note of it and watch for the speaker’s impromptu improvement next time round!  Who knows if your one recommendation may well be the one single thing that resonates with a speaker?  As we strive for excellence in our game let’s get a standard going.

Colette Ainscough 11, August 2021