‘Yes, and…’

Mar Cano writes about Monday´s 23.04.21 meeting.

Last 26th April fellow Toastmasters members from other clubs and guests from different parts joined Digital Communicators to enjoy an exceptional meeting. The Toastmaster of the day Pat guided us with a very adequate theme when working collaboratively and as a community: the power of a ‘Yes, and…’

Meeting in progress at Digital Communicators.

In an advanced club like DCOM, we value everyone’s ideas and we make them grow for the benefit of the whole club. We also embrace our mistakes and support each other to turn them into co-creating learning opportunities and learn from them. Therefore, a ‘Yes, and…’ mindset can make a difference when collaborating in our club projects and beyond.

This topic was reinforced by our Topics Master Colette, who challenged all the audience to answer the questions she posed with the prompt ‘Yes, and…’ This was definitely a great practice for all us to think how to start positively. Also, let’s remember that ‘Yes, and’ is very powerful to acknowledge that in everyone’s idea there may be at least a small % of reason. 

Yes, our Topics Master was very wise to connect the impromptu speaking section with the theme of the day. And it may have been even wiser to choose the participants more carefully. Of course, everyone is eligible to be asked to participate in it. However, what if instead of choosing members who are performing challenging roles, like the producer or the live reporter, other members and guests were called upon for that purpose? Personally, as a live reporter I found that hard to perform my best as an impromptu speaker. But following the Toastmaster spirit, so I did. 

Meeting 23.04.21 at Digital Communicators. Gallery View

Worthy to mention was the creativity of Topics Master, when it comes to ??????? ???????????, by using such a catchy sound! This particular type of evaluations we do during Table Topics is definitely extremely valuable and a great learning opportunity to develop both our active listening and evaluation skills in an impromptu way. In our club, we find value in giving as much feedback as possible, as gifts for all the participants to keep growing in our learning journey as public speakers. Yet, honestly, what if we consider renaming those evaluations using a more peaceful language? 

As for the speeches which were delivered, we had the chance to get to know our fellow Toastmasters a bit deeper. First, Vincent embarked us on a journey to his cultural immersion in London long ago. Second, Mahfuzur took us with him on another type of journey to the “The past, present and future of effective coaching”, and shared the quiddity of his life: active listening. Third, Pam made us dive into a journey of her own sharing her ability to sleep anytime anywhere… A secret which she unveiled openly and humorously in front of us. From now on, we know we don’t need to be offended if she gets asleep in one of our speeches. We learned it’s nothing personal!

In relation to those, speech evaluators Andrew, Sep and Ola did an insightful job by diving deep into and bringing awareness to particular aspects, from which I would highlight: 

  1. Take the audience on a trip with you
  2. Use storytelling for engagement
  3. Use the whole space in your virtual screen

Insightful, cheering and accurate were also the reports given by our General Evaluator Pamela, our timer Hasel and our grammarian Ish. Delving into the grammarian’s report, Ish showed us once again how to play with the language smartly by putting the focus on the use of rhetorical devices, like oxymorons, alliterations, personifications… taking the grammarian’s report to a truly advanced level! 

Meeting26.04.21 at Digital Communicators. Speakers view.

Before we come to an end, we need to thank the cheering role of those who opened the meeting and greeted people with their best smile, both greeters Philip and Adrienne. Yes, and also the members behind the scenes, like our producer Julian. This time he succeeded in recording live! Because practice makes perfect… Or at least progress.

To conclude, let’s remember the wise words our Toastmaster Pat and our General Evaluator Pamela shared with us: the quiddity of a Toastmasters meeting is in evaluations and feedback, and in listening. Yes, and… I would also add that one of the quiddities of eerie Toastmasters meeting is every single person who commits to make it happen! Thank you all for your participation and eagerness to keep growing as a Toastmasters community. 

And… Remember to come back to DCOM, where Digital Communicators are Open to More!

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  1. Mar, your blog on Digital Communicators last meeting is excellent just like how you carried out your Live Reporter Role! You have amazing digital skills and are truly inspiring. Colette

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