Interaction at its peak at Digital Communicators!

Who would ever have imagined that one day we could get ‘highly interactive’ on a digital platform with people all around the World? Have you?

Last Monday, this is exactly what happened at Digital Communicators the more so the Toastmaster of the Day, our beautiful Colette, set the meeting theme as ‘Let’s get interactive’. And guess what?? She started interacting with all the members days before the session asking what we expect to gain from the meeting, results of which she displayed proudly in her background image on the meeting day.. and she even requested everyone to interact via the chat option of zoom.. That was a first for me seeing the number of messages going through the chat..

In the very beginning portion of the meeting, the President was interacting with our distinguished guest, the Rockstar, Boy Band from many years ago, Singer with the Bachelors, DEC CLUSKEY. Oh yeah.. we do have a lot of surprises and visits to Digital Communicators!! We just wished he could have sung few lines for us.. maybe next time as he did promise to visit us again..

I am sure you will all agree with me that a club is nothing without its members. And the success of the members brings happiness to the club, makes us all happy. Congratulation Pat Caslin for your wonderful achievement – 2nd place in the District 71 International Speech Contest.. We are all PROUD of you!!

3 speeches were lined up. They were a mixture of sharing, inspiration and amazement. Mehfazur talked about his mother being his best coach with the best magical words which he still recalls vividly ‘Everything will be ok’. President Nik, inspiring as ever, raised his voice with the message loud and clear: ‘It’s about stepping up’. Club mission, officer roles and why you should be part of the digital communicators were covered. The challenge that still remains is for us all to get aligned and let’s help each other to grow. And finally, Pamela amazed us by diving us into her triathlon journey and how she managed to get the medal amidst the waves and the sharks

Do you hear the gentle lapping of the waves, feel the soft sands between your toes while you are sitting under the palmtree? In this unprecedented time, Hazel, our Table Topics Master, brought us to a world of vacation and we could literally imagine ourselves on a holiday of our preferred destination, with the person of our choice and doing the activities we so longed for. How great would that be if it could all be true right now!!! Remember to be all ears in this segment as you can be picked up for the shot gun evaluation of one minute.

Evaluation is what keeps members coming in with a view of getting better. Our team of evaluators Pat, Antonia and Mar were fantabulous in commending and recommending our speakers. Watch the recording and you will discover the useful tips which I am sure are useful for you as well!!  And as usual, we could see Antonia with her digital tool where items were popping up on her background as she delivered her evaluation. And of course, Mar, our Prezi master. After all, we are Digital Communicators!!

All our other role players did justice to their roles. Pam our timer, Andrew our interactive grammarian with the word of the day synonym, and of course our innovator and technology savy member Julian who brought another dimension to the open feedback role. I think we speakers are indeed lucky to be part of digital communicators where we get so much of valuable feedback.  And we were blessed to have a guest Andrew who gave us valuable suggestions for improving our session. Thank you Andrew!!

To conclude, a very interactive session where we have witnessed interactions at its peak and also saw how using digital tools enhances our interaction. And remember, this happens only at Digital Communicators.

What are you waiting for?

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